Powder Coated Garage Cabinet Finishes & Colors

For a Durable Finish that Won’t Fade Over Time

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The benefits of powder coated finishes

Patriot Planned Spaces has partnered with RedLine Garagegear, the best name in powder coated technology, to offer the highest quality powder coated wood garage cabinets available. The featured powder-coated finish is available on doors and drawer fronts for our 1 Alarm Series cabinets. The step up 5 Alarm Series cabinets feature the powder-coat finish on the doors, drawer fronts and side panels. It’s just one of the ways these cabinets were designed specifically for the garage environment.

Powder coating creates a durable finish that won’t fade over time, and is impervious to temperature extremes, humidity, spills and rough handling. Powder-coated finishes are seamless, and won’t stain, peel or chip, and are superior to paint, plastic or laminates. It’s truly meant to last!

We offer 3 powder coated garage cabinet colors (White, Black, & Gray) in the 1 Alarm Series and 12 powder coated colors in our 5 Alarm Series. Colors that will continue to look great years after you’ve installed your garage cabinets. And maintenance is a breeze… simply clean them with soap and warm water to keep them looking factory new.

Powder coated garage cabinet finishes are created in an environmentally friendly process. Unlike liquid paint, powder coating does not require a solvent, and contains no heavy metals, solvents or VOCs.

All of your order— doors, drawer fronts, and side panels — are powder coated in the same batch. We don’t use inventoried or stock parts to ensure your doors and drawers are always a perfect match.

The Powder Coating Process

Powder coating is a dry finishing process that uses a mixture of pigment and resin. The mixture is electro-statically charged and sprayed on to the part (above), and heated in an oven. The powder gels and flows, bonding with the part and creating a seamless finish that is attractive, durable and is highly resistant to chemicals.

Why use powder coated garage cabinet finishes?

Powder coating is one the longest lasting finishes available, but until the last few years powder coating was used only on metal parts. But metal is heavy, industrial looking, and expensive for home use.

We have perfected a process of applying powder coating on MDF (medium density fiberboard) creating a finish that is as durable as metal, is less expensive and is perfect for home use. As a matter of fact, our unique process has been patented!

Powder Coated Cabinets by Patriot Planned Spaces
Powder Coated Cabinets by Patriot Planned Spaces

Not all powder coating is created equal!

Unlike most other garage cabinets manufacturer that use powder coating, we do all of our powder coating in-house, giving us full control over the quality and consistency of the finish. And since we don’t have to wait around for outside vendors, you’ll get your cabinets quicker.

The finished parts are just as durable as a metal ones, but without the high price or weight, and look better!

Choose from 12 Powder Coated Colors

Powder Coating Options by Patriot Planned Spaces

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